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Norte Pesca S/A was founded on November 22, 1960, having, therefore, 61 years of tradition. Throughout its history, the company is proud of its significant contribution to the economic, technical, and scientific development of Brazilian fisheries.

It was a pioneer in Brazil in tuna fishing using the most common methodology today, known as longlines. In the last 25 years, Norte Pesca has operated its own and third-party fleets of different nationalities and technologies, and therefore the company has developed great know-how and capacity for product management and fleet management.

This history has built one of its greatest assets, which is the mastery of all aspects of the production chain, from its supply (bait, ice, fuel, and fishing material), maintenance, crew management, production unloading, handling, and export. of fish.

The company was also able to develop efficient logistics that allowed it to grow in the shipment of fish by air through the creation of new Natal-Miami routes using direct charter flights, as well as highly specialized maritime routes to Asian markets, and operates in accordance with the most advanced requirements of international markets and has a Quality Program called HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points, implemented since 1999.

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Our services to support fishing activities:

Sea Food Show

Norte Pesca's CEO, Rodrigo Hazin, participated as a speaker in Seafood Show, the main Brazilian fishing fair

Innovation International Tuna Award

Norte Pesca and Open Tuna Initiative wins Innovation International Tuna Award, in Spain

Our Headquarter

Based in Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte, in the Northeast of Brazil, one of the main fish producers in the South America

International partnerships

A global network developed after years of a good relationship and activated with a strong commitment with a sea governance.

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